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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers


What kind of projects are open too?

I can tackle most small to medium size projects. I’m a one man shop with a handful of other freelancers and team’s I actively work with. So websites, apps, plugins, integrations, and everything in between.

What kind of consulting do you offer?

Often entrepreneurs have lots of small technical challenges. To overcome that have very little to do with their vocation. This can be something as simple as setting up a professional email address and getting a domain. In other instances they have a lot of data that needs to be organized and haven’t found the right solution yet.

In other cases I’ve helped partners work with their clients to determine possible solutions and deliverables. Typically this is an integration, small app, or 3rd party solution.

What technologies do you work with?

Software is constantly evolving, so I’ve gotten a taste of a wide variety of programming languages eight of which I can think of and two different database paradigms and most popular flavors of relational databases (SQL).

I work with web technologies primarily. I typically use Vue.js (Javascript) for building web applications and Django (Python). When working on websites I often reach for the tried and tested WordPress (PHP).

Although that is how I use these languages today, I started out writing PHP and dived into orchestrating my own PHP ORM to work within large legacy projects (everybody makes mistakes).

Presently I’m also working in limited cases with Flutter and Go.

Who owns the code?

For Wik Web Development projects we do everything we can to improve the speed and cost of completing our deliverables. This means combining and utilizing existing technology stacks like Django, Vue.js, Vuetify,, Redash and countless other technologies to make software development possible. The rights to the code in these projects belong to their respective owners.

When you build a project using an open-source license, the ownership and usage rights of the code are determined by the terms of that open-source license. Open-source licenses come with specific conditions that dictate how the code can be used, modified, and distributed.

Common open-source licenses include the MIT License, GNU General Public License (GPL), Apache License, and others. Each license has its own terms and conditions, but they generally grant users certain rights to use, modify, and distribute the code. However, they may also impose obligations, such as requiring any modifications or derivative works to be released under the same open-source license.

The client owns the rights to the work produced. In such cases, the client retains ownership of the code, and the development team is essentially hired to create the project as a service better known as a “Work for Hire Agreement”.


When are invoices due?

Invoices are sent on project completion and are due within 60 days.

How can I get my outstanding balance?

Send an email to Reports can be produced on request.

What's this going to set me back?

There is no cost for initial consultation on a project.

I have a standard rate for consulting and development this is agreed upon after the first consultation. When completing larger projects with a defined body of work the project is priced by the deliverable.

No One Asked

Any new technologies you would like to work with?

Yeah, Flutter is pretty exciting for app development. Although it’s web implantation is still lightyears behind being a drop in replacement for common web platforms. Unfortunately closing this gap isn’t a priority for the Flutter Team.

I’ve also played with the idea of moving back to the server driven with HTMX. Our current Client and Provider web ecosystem adds a considerable amount of complexity. For applications that don’t require that complexity it’s worth considering the significant time and cost savings of a HTMX implementation.

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